Saturday, July 17, 2010

it's been a while...

It's been a while since i've entered into my blog...
i haven't had the time to blog ever since i started working since last year, i have been really busy with work and trying to catch up with everything around me.
Could not believe i would start blogging again...oh it's because im sitting at starbucks and i have nothing to do....otherwise i wouldn't bother to blog at all.
The year definitely pass super fast as i know...sooner or later another year will pass like just hours especially when you started working..
I guess my year is so far so good till today...everything is running smoothly and hopefully even better in future..and of course i would definitely have to work harder still..

Many things have changed since i have started working..sleep is like essential to me and i need that 8 hours beauty different from last time where i use to sleep so late at night..but i have to admit 8 hours is still not enough for me..hehe...
i don't get to see my family as often and i do miss them alot...especially my mum's yummy.....

Also i don't get to spend as much time with my dear as last we only meet at night...but i guess it's good for us too coz we are still young and we need to put our career 1st ...

not only that i also spend less time hanging out with my besties already...i really miss those days where we used to hang out and camwhore, chatting, starbucking and chatting lots of non-sense...i miss both of them but we are so busy to even ring each other up anymore....(so girls if you ever read this we should meet up one day k)

Right now..i'm so in a holiday mood..i feel like going on a holiday...take a few days of rest...I have no time to even relax since my exam in June and i went straight back to work...I WANT A HOLIDAY!!! I NEED A BREAK!!!

I think i better stop here...i can't talk all about my whole year by, that's all for now...
hopefully i will blog soon enough...

Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas
Happy New Year 2010

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

short trip

this was supposed to be updated long time ago but due to my exams so i decided delay the here is it right now...well we had a trip with dears friend's to Malacca
during a public holiday..this trip was meant to be short and enjoyable...
we started our journey around 11 something in the morning and not to mention the jam when we are on the way to it was a holiday so everyone was going everywhere for the holiday..
so we visited Malacca and had all this rides that ables us to see the whole Malacca..(well not all actually just part of it)..we sat the new duckie ride which brought us around Malacca and the coolest thing is that its able to be on land and on it was pretty
nice..after our tour around Malacca we headed to Jonker street which is a MUST to grab some cheap cheap stuff and some pineapple tarts..yum-o..the place was jam packed with people and it was difficult to get out of the it to
ok us awhile and when the time we reached to the car it was time for dinner we decided to have some Portugese food at the Portugese settlement..honestly the food wasn't that good but just what the long we had fun...
so cut the long story are some pics take.

Monday, December 14, 2009


it's all finally over over over..yahooes....
now it's time to enjoy myself to the fullest...gonna watch a series of movies tonight so gonna enjoy it...finally i dont have to open my books tonight...been opening it every single night since i was back from KL..
tomorrow is another day filled with activities..i'm gonna pamper myself the whole
gonna start off with a morning jog then off to the saloon...haha...
not gonna start work until the next week so i have to enjoy myself to the fullest fullest!!!
i have to say it's the most comfortable 2 weeks since i was back in ipoh...and i have to say i miss my home very's not the same when you are staying at other peoples dont have that warmth feeling...
been seeing my dogs everyday and it makes me very happy to actually get to play with them..
but ofcourse i miss my bf as well..haven't been talking to him yea even though we talk everyday but it's just for a while...
well gonna make this a short one...
see ya!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

count down.

counting down to another day..hehehe

Monday, October 5, 2009

blogging @ work

hey peeps...its been really really long since i've my title describes.. yea i've started working already at some audit firm in KL..
you peeps must be wondering why in the world am i blogging atwork..hmmp..easy's because i have nuts to do..i think i'm gonna rot sooner or later...i really cannot stand the boredomness..i'm not showing off or's just that when you have nothing to do the time doesn't pass as fast as you think lo..that is one of the reasons why i would prefer to atleast have something to do rather than just sit in the office and online the whole damn day..
okay enough about my work..lets talk about my outings instead..

where should i begin??okay..i'll make it real short..
so i can say i've been helping my bf with his work as well..helping him to do roadshows and following him to dealers really can learn and experience all sort of things especially there are many types of people where you dont expect to come across with..

okay..went back to ipoh during the raya holidays along with my bf's instead of booking a hotel to stay they bump into my place money we went for some seafood somewhere near Lost world of Tambun..the food is considered yummy and fresh BUT we had to wait for our entire dishes for a whole long 2 freaking hours to actually finish serving..
we were patients enough just because the food is yummy and fresh..if not we will definitely leave the freaking place..
the very next day he had head back to KL because everyone needs to start work the next day..but just before we head back..we went to the Taiping Zoo..the trip was tiring enough and we have to face the massive jam on our way back to KL..but i guess it was all worth it..

so i guess its all for now..and also not forgetting happy belated mooncake festival..hehe

Monday, September 21, 2009

hurt my thumb..

sob sob..i hurt my thumb while helping my bf work..sobbies!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Movie night!

i've been back in ipoh for almost 2 weeks now..and i guess i will still be ipoh for another week since dear will be going to Johor again the next you know i dont want to be home alone in his will kill me honestly!!
I miss hanging out with dear and my bestie..she's still enjoying herself and her bf as well as his family in UK..I miss Starbucks green tea blended!!!i want!!i like!!!i'm craving!!
Well nothing really much happen when i'm around ipoh..just th
e other day we had a little gathering with my ipoh friend which i have not been seeing for ages already and it was also my friend Soon Siang's birthday(happy belated birthday dude!!although i've already greeted you on the actual date) so we all went to this Friends Cafe somewhere near my house to have a drink..ohMgee the freaking place is damn freaking quite and it looks like its gonna close down..and i tell you the service SUCKs!! big big time!!!all bunch of lala and ah bengs working there with their stupid attitute!!!
BUt it was really nice catching up with them because i havent seen them in a long long time..and tonight we'll be meeting up again for a movie..we're watching "Ha
rry Potter and the half blood prince"'s gonna be a long long movie..(i know dear not interested in this movie so im guessing he wont watch it with me)
Well i'm all alone at home these 3 days coz mummy went to genting with a bunch of aunties to have fun fun loads of chores to do when alone at home..
well gotta go now...chores to do..hope i'll enjoy the movie tonight!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

back home

I'm back in ipoh already..and miss my bed so so much...
been doing nothing except for watching tv and sleep and exercising the whole day..the feeling it's nice as i dont have to think of anything but to do the things i like..
Missing my dear alot now as he has been really busy since yesterday and i have to say this is the first time we've been so far apart..I'm back at my hometown and he is at Johor for work so the distance is quite far for us..
I've been spending lots of time with my lovely doggies and also with my mummy at home and it feels awesome to be back home and i get to eat what my mum cooks...ohsoyummy!!
anyway it's gonna be a short post this time..
thats all for now..
update soon!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Had lunch with bestie Cherie and her bf today once our bf finish their work..(FYI both of them are working together in the same company)had a short lunch then headed to the bus station to buy my bus ticket to go back home to seems to be leaving KL...
Today bestie Sum will be leaving around 6 something in
the morning to UK for her bf's no more bestie hangout for the moment...sob=(.no more Starbucks!!but she'll be back before we know it...
Then dearie will also be leaving KL to JB for work on Monda
y for the whole no more pak tor for awhile and no more dinner and movie together...
So since everyone is leaving I might as well go back to my homie as well...i really missed my dogs Tubby and Bean and miss my mummy as well..
So really sad but i'll definately miss Miss AU and Honey bunny while they are away...

*have fun Miss Au and i'll miss our hang out time together!!
*dear and i..definately will miss out time one to manja at for few weeks
Miss them already...have fun miss AU and work hard dear...Muacks!