Monday, April 23, 2007


today had an interview by the LAN scary at first coz didnt know what questions they will ask and my lecturer told us that they will interview us one by one..and only few of us ware heart was like pumping so fast...but at last all 5 of us went in together so i wasn't as scared as before..then the fella started to ask us question about what level are we in so we said part 3..but suddenly my friend went all blurred out and she say "i'm in part 2"..then i looked at my the other friend who was sitting at the other side of me and then she nod yea i' in part 2...Hmmm..made me so blurred..then she realise that she was in part 3 in a few seconds was so funny le...damn blurr le..didnt know what she was talking about..ekek...after that he started asking us questions about taxation..ekeke..the weird thing is that i kept answering all the i was suppose to be scared but suddenly my fears went away...weird le..the questions are open to all but i dont know why i kept answering and answering the questions..ekekke...he tried to trick me but ekek...luckily i knew the answer..ekeke its raining in ipoh....super heavy rain....but but...its darn freaking hot here i just had ice-cream...yummy!!!
ekee..well thats all for to go revise now...:)

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