Sunday, April 22, 2007


today morning woke up at 6.30am...then lie-down on the bed till 7am....
went jogging with my friend at polo ground around 7.30am..
jog for almost an hour...woow it was so tiring....then went for breakfast around town which i have no idea where..??..ate fried kuey teow and had a glass of soya bean...
then after my breakdast around 10 something reach home and took a shower..felt so refreshing after a cold cold shower..then went straight to sleep...sleep sleep sleep until now 2.13pm..
still haven't started studying anything today...have to start later le cant be lazy adie...exams are just around the corner, so have to brush up adie...hope can finish everything on time le..
well today is really tiring..but felt so good after the morning jog..ekeke..felt like all my calories are being burned out..yehooo!!!
well..thats all for now...muackz..

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