Wednesday, June 13, 2007


finally my exams are happie for now..but i know classes will start again soon....not for long....sobbiez...

well its been super super long i've not blog...sorrie dude' are some updates yea..

on the 25th May went kl to celebrate my bestie's birthday cherie dearie..her actual b'day is on the 27th May so me and sum had a pre-celebration and girls night out..keke...and thanks Alfred for being our driver for the night..ekeke

here are some pics on our outing...had heaps of fun with you gals yea..hugs..and love ya lots..!!

Day 1:
still at cherieberries house(see her lizards at the back)...ekeke
our dinner time at logenhouse(taipan)..smoked salmon salad...ofcoz there are more food...muahaha...haha..cherie enjoying her oyster..ekekeour second destination the curve

Day 2:

our hang out place when we were younger(we loved figure skating)missed those days girl...sobz..wish i can turn back time...

before the party..sum and imanda and isum,manda,cherie & iwei jiin & i (used to my dancing partner)ehehe..
me and my bestie of all time sum...(at the pool side)with cherie's parents

its amazing how much we've grown...ex-seafieldians...luv u guys and girls heapsshanthose,me and chuenDay 3:

cherie & i (on our way to 1 U)at jack's place for lunch

after lunch i went back to picked me up at 1 U...

we'll sure had loads of fun when i was in to spend time with old time buddies are the best of all...miss ya people lots yea.....

till then...~muackz & hugz


n3wbi3 said...

wa.. wat a nice trip u have mie, i love 1 of those picture.. the food u take in day 3.. its a steak? or wat? but it look delicious.. yum yum~~

♥j.a.m.i.e♥ said...

yea its steak..if im not mistaken its sirloin steak le..keke..
ooo....u like one pic only la..others not nice la..sobbiez

n3wbi3 said...

erm.. all also nice.. but the steak nicer ma..mayb i m hungry .. hahaha... looks like u have a nice time in KL..n u go for ice-skating.. your favourite sport..haha..