Thursday, December 25, 2008

happy holidays

wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas
a Happy New Year!!

happy holidays peeps..

*lots of love from me*

Saturday, December 20, 2008

short holiday

was back in kl last week for a few days..
firstly when i arrived me and dear went to pc fair at KLCC to see see look look at things as it was the last day of the fair...
the place was huge and was crowded with lots and lots of people...and we nearly couldn't find our way back to the car park..(due to out bad bad memory)

*us at Pc fair
*KL twin tower
then my second outing was to 1U the next day..decided to do some window shopping...didnt really buy anything as nothing caught my eye the other we did some photo session as the Christmas trees are all up...

*Christmas decorations at 1u
then came back to ipoh after a few days in kl...still want to relax before my class starts in another 2 weeks...

Thursday, December 11, 2008


PheW...!!!!!~~~Finally exams are over!! and its time to relax..
can't wait to do the things that i want to do..
*watch my all time favourite Gossip Girls
*if possible watch 'The Hills'
*watch Madagascar with dear...(i know i know I'm so so outdated)
*watch The Gem Of Life..(80 over episodes..)
*outing with bf...
*etc etc...

so since my exams are over and my mum is enjoying herself at Genting with her sisters so i decided to make myself dinner well since i have all the time to myself....

I have been wanting to eat spaghetti carbonara for days so i finally did it be honest it was just 'OK'...quite jelak lo...but still edible la...
so i captured a few pictures of my very own homemade speghatti carbonara..

*spaghetti Carbonara with Bacon*

it looks good huh..hehe..boleh tahan only la..

well it seems i am not able to sleep now..still feel very awake..i'm now on the phone with my dear while blogging..
so signing off now..
will upload more in the coming weeks..

Monday, December 8, 2008


*14 months of happiness...*
(and counting)
*happy happy happy*

Saturday, December 6, 2008

One more to go and im FREEE!!!!
* im really looking forward to go shopping and movies..(cant wait for exams to be over)

Sunday, November 23, 2008


i made myself home made pankes yesterday after a long day of study as a reward for myself..

*chocolate banana pancakes with raisins and almond nuts toppings..(colour doesn't look too appealing huh..but it sure taste good!!)

while i was browsing through my lecturers BLOG i found this...a picture of us P3 students in class...he took his camera while he was teaching during the last day of edc funny as he also wanted us to take picture with him he actually acted so seriously and the whole class laughed at his actions...
funny yet dedicated lecturer...
*can you spot me???

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Finally EDC classes are finally over...I've been sitting for at least 8 to 9 hours in the class for a few days and mu butt is hurting like mad!!!!!it's so bloody painful(like kena punch from somebody from the back)...yaiks...and i hadn't been having enough of sleep these few so tiring...i had a good good sleep last night coz i don't have to wake up early in the morning today..

although eds's are finally doesn't mean that i can relax yet coz it's only the beginning of studies...will be going back to iPoh tomorrow for studies and my exam..its time to get serious...

yesterday when my edc for my P3 ended while i was waiting for my bf to come pick me up...and as my bf reached and i was heading into the car then i realise i bump in to a friend...hadn't seen him since a very long time...used to stay at court 8 together...ofcoz at a different it was kinda surprising and schock to see them...i miss court 8...that was where i grew was a very nice place and lots of memories...

after class went makan makan with bf and his friend at shabu shabu at was out 2nd time there..the food was nice as u have your own pot of steamboat and you can make any type of flavour soup you like...its a Japanese concept of steamboat where the foods are served at the conveyor belt...(but portion quite small and not much variety available)...seriously the only thing i think its worth eating there is the baby octopus...

i guess that's the last outing for me and bf as i will be back to ipoh tmr...i will definitely miss him so so much...

that's all for now..

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Home sweet Home!

as i have mentioned in the last post that i will be back in ipoh...and here i am...Home sweet home!!
glad to be back home to see my family and my dogs...miss my dogs so terribly...and also not to mention my own comfy to be back home...
this time will be back home for slightly alittle longer compared to any other weekends...its because i don't have any classes this week and will be having EDC classes when I'm back in kl..
EDC classes will be longer compared to normal classes as exams are around the corner..
i have to say time passes so quickly and exams are here again..
when I'm back in ipoh i will miss my bf..but when I'm at kl I'll miss my dogs and my family in ipoh..guess i cant see both at once..
well, this will be just another short post and i have to get back to my stuff..
that's all for now..will blog again soon..

Monday, October 27, 2008

just another random post

it's gonna be a short post for this this time..just a brief post on what happen the past few days..
went for movie with dear the other day..its been along time since we've watched a movie together.the last movie we watched was Dark Knight...watched 'souls code' at pyramid on that day...
i have to say the show is quite lousy...i didn't like it..BORING!!
then after movie we headed back to home then later at night followed my bf and his friend to play volleyball...i didn't play cause i don't know the sport well...

well be going back to ipoh in a few days...i cant wait to see my dogs and my parents...
miss tubby and bean so it's something to look forward too...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

1 Year Anniversary

* 08.10.2008*

Its our it's been an amazing year since we've been together....
just in a blink of eye and i have to say time really flies....Had to celebrate our anniversary a few days earlier as dear have to work...but I'm satisfied because he actually took the effort to go and have dinner with me...

*Pre-celebration at Italianese*
*so wai sik la dear...busy eating

*the moon is so clear and near us*(it's actually the lighting*

*our food and drinks*(lasagna and lamp chop)

*Us again*

well since today is the actual date ofour we(i actually) suggested that we go for some pancakes at paddington at after my class then around noon we headed to sweet pancakes to resemble our sweet memories together...hehe(lame)..hehe..okok...some pics from today...


*iced coffee with milk*

*pancakes with different sauces*

*us at Paddington's*Overall I I'm very happy that i have someone that treasure's me alot..and of course i will treasure him as well...

Glad to be with you dear..Love you always!!!thanks for being such a sweetheart to me!!


Friday, October 3, 2008

Neway with my girls..

Second post for the day...
Had the day out with my girls at Neway for karaoke...
it's been like a very long time since i've seen Cherie so met up with her today with Sum as well...
Get to be all silly together and sang some old school songs was nice catching up with you Cherie....
initial plan was to sing karaoke at Red Box but there wasn't any place left so quickly call to see if Neway had place and we had to rush there by luckily there was place left..
Had some pictures taken but will upload later...
much meet up more k cherie..hehe

some pictures...only a few
*sum and cherie*
*me and Sum*

*me and cherie*

hopefully we will have time to hang out more when all of us are free ya girls lots!

Malacca Trip

Back from Malacca with my boyfriend and his friends and I'm so so tired...didn't get to enough of sleep since then...
started our journey early in the morning around 6am.. we expected a jam but the highway was clear so we arrived quite early around 8 or 9 something in the morning...
so we couldn't check in that early so we headed to Malacca town and have our breakfast and had a short walk at Jonker street..
as for me there's nothing much to buy coz it's all the same old it will be a waste of money so I'd rather enjoy eating then buying all the small little accessories....although i did buy a small hair clip..which i think it's quite nice and for a affordable price.

so we ate the famous chicken rice at Malacca..which i think it was ok..nothing really special except for the ball shaped rice...
after that we headed back to A' Famosa where we stayed and checked in...(finally)...
at first the place was scary as we were told that there would be a swimming pool at the side of the villa but when we arrived there and notice the pool was so so dirty and the water was literally brown in colour...(even the lake seems cleaner than the pool) gave us a shocking moment...
but when we wasn't that bad...and came to know that was just a sample villa not not completed phew!

once we've checked in we headed to A' Famosa Water world...the place was filled with people..i have to say Sunway is way much better..But the slights are much taller which makes it SCARY!!!

we had trouble finding for food at night due to the crowd everywhere...initial plan was to go eat SATAY but people was lining up to eat and we probably have to wait for 45 minutes for decided to just leave and eat and some food court...GOSH and i can tell you the food is so so so TERRIBLE!!!cannot be eaten and the drinks are also horrible...worst food ever!!!

later on headed back to A' Famosa to Cowboy town...everything seems to be closed except for the instead headed back to our villa...

so that's practically all about the Malacca trip...overall it was only OK...coz the Journey from A'Famosa to Malacca town is almost 30 KM so its very tiring..but get to spend time with bf is enough for me...

*Famous Clock at Malacca *

*somewhere is Malacca Town**Us in front of Famous Chicken Rice Ball shop**people Queuing for chicken rice ball ....
*devil Honey...(naughty naughty!!!)
*me**honey the robin hood!!**cute yet funny shoe to wear(can cure all sorts of pain...hehe**me, san and may**the place where we stayed...**looks pretty big huh!!(can u see the pool??)**the famous ship somewhere is Malacca**the Boys!**us**Jonker walk**us in A'Famosa Cowboy Town**cute pony*

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Girls Day Out!

Finally have something to post about...or not it's just plain boring boring boring!!...!!
had my PT2 today morning to be exact..
me and sum had plan to go out after our we headed to midvalley during the night time...
Had such wonderful time with my girl chit chatting and laughing...
haha...finally i bought a pair of shoes...(again)...well both of us got ourselves a pair of shoes actually...hehe...kinda satisfied with it but as usual the shoe likes to HURT my usual plasters everywhere...(how come i don't see any other girls putting plasters on their leg???only me and sum have this problem???weird huh!!!)
so we were(sum actually..hehe) planned to have ice-cream at baskin robins but after we passed a wafer shop we decided we would head for PANCAKES instead!!hehe
have not been to Paddington's before but the pancake is yummy...
so headed back after i really had a great time ...haha..silly silly both of us!!!
will upload more pictures once i get it from sum...hehe
okok...another exciting thing...will be heading to Malacca on Raya Day...Finally bf is off...heheh..hope it's lots of fun..will blog about it when the time comes...
oh ya...another week to our 1ST ANNIVERSARY together...So so Happy and excited....
Still LOve him as much as i first know him...still so sweet and kind to me...
will blog about that soon too..Love You so much Bunnie!!!'s late already..that's all ya..nites


Here are some pics

*me and my girl

*our pancakes and drinks