Tuesday, January 8, 2008

3 months and counting..

classes has officially started yesterday....was kinda but afraid because of the stress that i know i would have to suffer in the next 6 months...its been like this since i left form 5..come to think of it sometimes it can be very boring of the same old routine that has been going on and on for the past few years....but for the sake of my future i have to continue with the hardwork and stress...who am i to compliant actually...im not the only one who undergoes this kind of stress right...there are plenty ACCA students and every other people who are facing similar situation as me...well..gambatte to me...i know i can go through this as long as i dont give up....
Happy 3 Month Anniversary Honey Bunnie..
Loving You more each and everyday...

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n3wbi3 said...

haha add oil ba my friend.. gambatte in your studies.. n good luck.. i sure u can do it also..
:-) lots of luck for u k.. take care n good luck ^^