Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

bye bye 2007 and welcome 2008..Happy New Year..!!!Wee...another year has past..Spent the very last moment of 2007 with my honey.and started a new 2008 with him as well..come to know it time pass real fast...For me the in the beginning of 2007 everything seems alright but as i know it, it just became worst..and my life was kinda lonely and rather lifeless as i came to know it.luckily i have great friends to accompany me through it..especially sum and cher!!really glad to have u girls.thanks for listening to my probs.i will appreciate our many years of friendship..but it as time passes by and toward the end it was going real great....a MIRACLE!..yes a miracle...everything seems to be like a dream but as i realise it was real and all real..

thanks to that special someone that gave me hope and to believe that my life was not as lonely as i tought it would be..although we don't get to spent time together all the time but every time when I'm with you i feel complete and i will remember every second and minute being with you which makes it really special...thanks for not complaining and taking the time to accompany me..it really breaks my heart whenever i know i have to go back and have to leave your arms..

Since its the beginning of the year i really hope everything runs smoothly for everyone and myself..

Happy New Year!!!!

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