Monday, January 21, 2008

pressure arises...

hey peeps...its been long since i last updated.well well as i mentioned in the last blog classes has already started..its been 3 weeks now....and already i can feel the pressure gaining day by day...its no fun at all..stress stress...I've been thinking the past few day whether i should stop studying for a moment and look for a job...i want to take a break from studying,getting really tired of it tough...haih..but I'm not sure would it be a good thing or not.
what should i do..can time just stop for a moment??i really need a break.all i need is a deep deep breath before i break down..everything seems so hectic around..
classes ain't fun...not at all interesting.all we get is just pressure from the lecturers.why must they scold scold scold all the time..they are suppose to guide us not scold us.its adding more pressure to us striving to get the perfect answer for him.but it seems like there wouldn't be a perfect answer for him coz the only perfect answer is from him..and only he can come out with it..sometimes i just don't want to answer his questions coz i know whatever answer we give him it would not satisfy him...haih...pressure pressure...
days are passing real fast and sooner or later results are gonna be out...haih...i wanna pengsan adie!!!!!!!!!!!!
really spoils my mood all the time....i just want time to stop a moment..just a it too much to ask??
guess it wont be happening...dream on Jamie....its time to wake up and face the facts and reality...
that's all for now..
will update again soon..

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