Thursday, May 22, 2008

all about the days at home...

just finish doing some revision so thought of blogging awhile since my last topic was on mother's day...

Monday was Wesak day so went for movie with a friend of mine..we watched "Iron man" and i have to say the movie was fantastic...i loved it!!!but too bad i wish my bf was with me to watch it luckily the show was very nice.

and oh ya..i just finish watching episode 18 of gossip girls..i just love this show..i love to see the way they dress and all the gossips going on...and also not to mention the cute guys in it...drools=P..

hmm what else...and I've been catching up with "The Hills" as well..i have to say the series is ok...i still prefer gossip girls(coz there is much more cuter guys in gg compared to this) much gossips between them...

i know i know..finals are soon...but I'm still watching all these...nah its just a form of relaxation for me...i only watch it after my studies and before my i guess its fair enough for me right...haha...(trying to comfort myself)

I've been really missing my bf so so much..i haven't seen him for almost a month already..sob I'm really looking forward to seeing him soon...miss miss miss him so so so much!!!!

I've been staying home for the past few weeks...been really lazy to go out except for Monday for movies..can't wait till finals then I'm so so free from home...never been shopping lately..i want to shop when finals are i have to save money for shopping spree!!!!!i want to buy shoes and nice clothes....(craving for it)weeeweeeee


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