Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol winner

the results for American idol is out..i was so eager to watch the results today..and drum rolls please....yeahoo!!and yes David Cook took the title as this is pretty predictable tough..

yea i think he really deserves to win coz i really think he is very talented..he is the only contestant who takes the initiative to amend the songs that he is suppose to sing...and every song turns out very unique indeed...well done Mr Cook...really happy that he won the American idol..but i have to say David.A is not bad as well..both their voice is really unique and very powerful!

not bad for a bar tender...from nothing to an American idol...he didn't intend to audition for American idol instead his brother tried out and pulled him along...guess what he is real lucky!!

i think both of them is a winner coz the have their own uniqueness and style...both totally different!!!

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