Wednesday, October 8, 2008

1 Year Anniversary

* 08.10.2008*

Its our it's been an amazing year since we've been together....
just in a blink of eye and i have to say time really flies....Had to celebrate our anniversary a few days earlier as dear have to work...but I'm satisfied because he actually took the effort to go and have dinner with me...

*Pre-celebration at Italianese*
*so wai sik la dear...busy eating

*the moon is so clear and near us*(it's actually the lighting*

*our food and drinks*(lasagna and lamp chop)

*Us again*

well since today is the actual date ofour we(i actually) suggested that we go for some pancakes at paddington at after my class then around noon we headed to sweet pancakes to resemble our sweet memories together...hehe(lame)..hehe..okok...some pics from today...


*iced coffee with milk*

*pancakes with different sauces*

*us at Paddington's*Overall I I'm very happy that i have someone that treasure's me alot..and of course i will treasure him as well...

Glad to be with you dear..Love you always!!!thanks for being such a sweetheart to me!!


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