Thursday, October 30, 2008

Home sweet Home!

as i have mentioned in the last post that i will be back in ipoh...and here i am...Home sweet home!!
glad to be back home to see my family and my dogs...miss my dogs so terribly...and also not to mention my own comfy to be back home...
this time will be back home for slightly alittle longer compared to any other weekends...its because i don't have any classes this week and will be having EDC classes when I'm back in kl..
EDC classes will be longer compared to normal classes as exams are around the corner..
i have to say time passes so quickly and exams are here again..
when I'm back in ipoh i will miss my bf..but when I'm at kl I'll miss my dogs and my family in ipoh..guess i cant see both at once..
well, this will be just another short post and i have to get back to my stuff..
that's all for now..will blog again soon..

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