Thursday, December 11, 2008


PheW...!!!!!~~~Finally exams are over!! and its time to relax..
can't wait to do the things that i want to do..
*watch my all time favourite Gossip Girls
*if possible watch 'The Hills'
*watch Madagascar with dear...(i know i know I'm so so outdated)
*watch The Gem Of Life..(80 over episodes..)
*outing with bf...
*etc etc...

so since my exams are over and my mum is enjoying herself at Genting with her sisters so i decided to make myself dinner well since i have all the time to myself....

I have been wanting to eat spaghetti carbonara for days so i finally did it be honest it was just 'OK'...quite jelak lo...but still edible la...
so i captured a few pictures of my very own homemade speghatti carbonara..

*spaghetti Carbonara with Bacon*

it looks good huh..hehe..boleh tahan only la..

well it seems i am not able to sleep now..still feel very awake..i'm now on the phone with my dear while blogging..
so signing off now..
will upload more in the coming weeks..

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