Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reunion Dinner

hey peeps..have you had your reunion dinner???I'm sure you all did right...was it yummy-licious???I definitely had a YUM YUM-O dinner..mummy cook so many dishes for us...we had chicken,prawns,fish and loads name it..hehe
i snap a few pictures of the dishes that mum cooked before we ate it..

*mushrooms with fatt choi*

*steam chicken-my fav*

*Chinese sausage(lap choeng)*-I'm sure every family has this

*beans with prawns*

*butter prawns with oats*

had my delicious dinner...well it's simple but very very tasty to's even nicer then the food outside and it's priceless...i'm sure you all had a wonderful dinner as well..some of you might have gone out to eat and some of you were like me enjoying your own mum's food...

tomorrow it's already the New Year and people prepare to usher into the Cow's year...


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tong tong tong chang...

back in ipoh brother drove all the way back while i was sleeping the whole time in the happy to see my two little precious dogs...

today did some spring cleaning around my house..felt guilty that i didn't get to help my mum clean the house as i was in today i help her to do some of it..and will continue cleaning the house tomorrow..there is still abit to clean..
help my mum to put out some food for the new year and went to buy some drinks to serve guess who comes to my house...

one 2 more day to Chinese new year and tomorrow night would be our family reunion dinner...cant wait to eat all the yummy food that my mum is going to cook...hehe..
Just back in ipoh for a day and i tell you the weather here is freaking HOT...the sun is like burning your skin..i can die here....i dont feel like going out of the house at all...

one more thing bestie will be coming back soon..hope to catch up with her real soon..ehehe
that all for now 1st...will blog again tmr...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

holiday begins

here goes my cny holidays..yesterday was my last day of class before the cny starts and i will be going back to IPOH tomorrow with my brother...we decided to drive back instead of taking the bus and i heard that bus tickets price have increased and tickets are almost sold out..
cant wait for cny to start as there goes the tradition we cousins and aunties and uncles start to gamble with each other..hope i have lots of luck in gambling this year....hehe

really cant wait to go home cause i really miss my 2 doggies(tub and bean)..and my mummy and daddy...and my BED!!.hehe
dear will be heading to Ipoh to find me during the cny's then we will be going back to KL together and head to Genting few days later together with his friends...

nothing else to blog...and oh ya...MISS AU SUET SUM..i miss you girl...update your blog ya..have not heard from you for quite some time already...

Monday, January 19, 2009

meeting up

as i said on my last post that i will be filled with plans on Saturday and Sunday so here are the updates.


i had class from 8am to 6pm as usual long hour class..then when classes dear picked me up from college and we headed home so that he could change and straight away he headed to attend the lion dance event...
there were 3 different colour of lions that day..

i used to be scared when i was a little girl but as i grew up i was very interested as i don't get to see it very often and only occasions like the Chinese new year..
here are some pictures taken

*people getting ready for the lion dance

*young kids playing with the mini lion.hehe
*dear and his friend
*starting of the ceremony
met up with Cherie and her boy Joshua at pyramid for some lunch and karaoke..
had our lunch at Pasta de food was not very worthy as i can buy the whole pack of spaghetti and feed a whole loads of people..the concept of the foods taste was not Italian but rather Japanese..
as we finish our lunch and headed out to the front door there was some promotion for karaoke and its FREE of as we cant think of any other plans so we decided to go for it...its FREE anyway...hehe..
*pasta de gohan & karaoke at pyramid*
so that was my weekend with my love one and my bestie...its been fun meeting up with you cherie..lets make our next outing to Japanese buffet yea...hehe....woohooo..

Saturday, January 17, 2009


at the mean time i'm unable to sleep yet...but i have to as i have my long long hour class tomorrow....
The other day me and Cherie plan on meeting today we confirmed the time and i cant wait to meet her and her boy on Sunday.
we're gonna have a double date..heehehe..excited..!!!..
have not seen her for quite some time already since Neway together with bestie Sum..

Tomorrow(today to be exact) dear will be attending some lion dance thingy so i will be following him there to be a keh poh chi nothing to do standing or sitting there watching them do their things...hehe..probably take a few pics on the lion dance...hehe

Okay okay have to go now.yawns.will update more in the coming day...nitez

Saturday, January 10, 2009


last few day i was having a bad sore throat then i ended up with fever and flu...
it has been very difficult for me to sleep in the past few nights..till yesterday i slept at 11 something and woke up till around 5 something in the morning until i can actually get back to sleep..grhh my whole body is aching sanfu..
and..the worst thing is i actually have class today but i didn't attend..hopefully tomorrow i will feel better so that i am able to attend tomorrows 9 hour class...
that will be it for now..

Monday, January 5, 2009

::.2nd post

cant believe it its my second post for the day...
what the hack...dear is already asleep..!!!!what am i going to do..hehe...poor fella have to go shopping with me the whole day..

oh ya..classes has officially started on Sunday...9 hours of class was way too much for starters...hehe..but i kept myself awake the whole time and surprisingly...without and caffeine needed...haha..

Hooray...BEstie SUM is online...yay!!misses her so much..she's in UK now with her bf....
at least wont be so sien now...hehe..but anyway will continue to watch my movie later...

leg is so so so hurting from the shopping today...(shoe problem)..

ok la..nothing to blog adie...thats all...


just came back from from dinner with my darling darling bf and wit his friends at a a place in puchong..we had dinner at a place called steak out..(if im not mistaken)..the food was considered not bad but i have to say its kinda pricey...the portion wise its just enough for a person BUT DEARS SET DINNER WAS WAY WAY HUGE!!!! i think it took him half an hour to finish his set

before dinner me and dear had our afternoon spent at Pyramid walking hunting for chinese new year clothes and did some window shopping as well..
i didn't get much from today's shopping as nothing has caught my eye yet...but dear got himself a pair of adidas first he eyed a 'Porsche adidas shoe'..and eyed another one with is also very nice...BUT when he tried it on the Porsche wasn't as comfortable as the one i eyed at last he got the one i eyed on..ehehe...see my taste is good..haha...(perasan)

oh ya...little bro bought me a ESPRIT bag so i went to his place to get it...thanks it me more bags yea..haha...

well overall i had fun today...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

new year

time passes by real quickly as its another new year..
looking back in 2008 i can say it has been quite a good year for me..everything i want seems to have run smoothly as i wanted it to be..and i definitely hope that it will the same for the coming years...

last yeat i got to celebrate and usher into the new year with my dear and this year i got to do the same as fact i had a blast on that day..i came back to KL a day earlier so that i could spend the new year with my dearest sweetheart as he is such a darling that he even took the day off to spend the new years together..even i couldn't spend christmas with's ok now as we got to spend the new years together..

dear and his friends had planned to to go to M.O.S but the place was so terribly packed with people queuing at the front at the end we decided to go to cocobanana as it was already too late to switch to another location..the city was filled with cars and people..
so it was the nearest we could go..erm..the place was just ok but who cares as long as we had fun and i get to be with the person i love the most on the day...

terrible thing was that dear got drunk so i had to drive us back home..and i have to say luckily i wasn't as drunk as my dear..lousy bunny...haha...
the after effect was so so horrible and i couldn't sleep at all and felt like vomiting the whole i woke dear up to go for breakfast at some mamak!!!then back to our sleep after that...ehehe...finally i can sleep after that...

so i wish everyone a very happy new year 2009!!!..sorry for the delayed post..was feeling lazy...
some pictures are yet to be posted when im free yea...
signing out now..class tomorrow...nitez