Monday, January 5, 2009


just came back from from dinner with my darling darling bf and wit his friends at a a place in puchong..we had dinner at a place called steak out..(if im not mistaken)..the food was considered not bad but i have to say its kinda pricey...the portion wise its just enough for a person BUT DEARS SET DINNER WAS WAY WAY HUGE!!!! i think it took him half an hour to finish his set

before dinner me and dear had our afternoon spent at Pyramid walking hunting for chinese new year clothes and did some window shopping as well..
i didn't get much from today's shopping as nothing has caught my eye yet...but dear got himself a pair of adidas first he eyed a 'Porsche adidas shoe'..and eyed another one with is also very nice...BUT when he tried it on the Porsche wasn't as comfortable as the one i eyed at last he got the one i eyed on..ehehe...see my taste is good..haha...(perasan)

oh ya...little bro bought me a ESPRIT bag so i went to his place to get it...thanks it me more bags yea..haha...

well overall i had fun today...

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