Thursday, January 22, 2009

holiday begins

here goes my cny holidays..yesterday was my last day of class before the cny starts and i will be going back to IPOH tomorrow with my brother...we decided to drive back instead of taking the bus and i heard that bus tickets price have increased and tickets are almost sold out..
cant wait for cny to start as there goes the tradition we cousins and aunties and uncles start to gamble with each other..hope i have lots of luck in gambling this year....hehe

really cant wait to go home cause i really miss my 2 doggies(tub and bean)..and my mummy and daddy...and my BED!!.hehe
dear will be heading to Ipoh to find me during the cny's then we will be going back to KL together and head to Genting few days later together with his friends...

nothing else to blog...and oh ya...MISS AU SUET SUM..i miss you girl...update your blog ya..have not heard from you for quite some time already...

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