Monday, January 19, 2009

meeting up

as i said on my last post that i will be filled with plans on Saturday and Sunday so here are the updates.


i had class from 8am to 6pm as usual long hour class..then when classes dear picked me up from college and we headed home so that he could change and straight away he headed to attend the lion dance event...
there were 3 different colour of lions that day..

i used to be scared when i was a little girl but as i grew up i was very interested as i don't get to see it very often and only occasions like the Chinese new year..
here are some pictures taken

*people getting ready for the lion dance

*young kids playing with the mini lion.hehe
*dear and his friend
*starting of the ceremony
met up with Cherie and her boy Joshua at pyramid for some lunch and karaoke..
had our lunch at Pasta de food was not very worthy as i can buy the whole pack of spaghetti and feed a whole loads of people..the concept of the foods taste was not Italian but rather Japanese..
as we finish our lunch and headed out to the front door there was some promotion for karaoke and its FREE of as we cant think of any other plans so we decided to go for it...its FREE anyway...hehe..
*pasta de gohan & karaoke at pyramid*
so that was my weekend with my love one and my bestie...its been fun meeting up with you cherie..lets make our next outing to Japanese buffet yea...hehe....woohooo..

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