Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reunion Dinner

hey peeps..have you had your reunion dinner???I'm sure you all did right...was it yummy-licious???I definitely had a YUM YUM-O dinner..mummy cook so many dishes for us...we had chicken,prawns,fish and loads name it..hehe
i snap a few pictures of the dishes that mum cooked before we ate it..

*mushrooms with fatt choi*

*steam chicken-my fav*

*Chinese sausage(lap choeng)*-I'm sure every family has this

*beans with prawns*

*butter prawns with oats*

had my delicious dinner...well it's simple but very very tasty to's even nicer then the food outside and it's priceless...i'm sure you all had a wonderful dinner as well..some of you might have gone out to eat and some of you were like me enjoying your own mum's food...

tomorrow it's already the New Year and people prepare to usher into the Cow's year...