Wednesday, February 25, 2009

better not care

This post ain't a good one for me...
I just realise everytime i care for someone and that someone will take it for granted...and I'm not talking about this particular person and its everyone that I've cared which means if i care for them they will just like ignore what i say or whatever i say it's just nonsense.

wth..I'd be grateful if someone cared for me but why people don't appreciate what they have????can someone please tell me why????so is it being a busy body caring too much ar????

i feel so fed-up already....i just feel like not caring anymore...

*sorry if i offended anyone*

101 post..

wow didn't realize I've already posted 100 post..and i didn't know that i will survive blogging for so long...and i remember starting to blog because of bestie Cherie...

well anyway...nothing special actually..
had some spontaneous outing with bestie sum on Monday..didn't plan to go out just planned to stay at sum's house to study before i go to college in the evening..
then all of a sudden we decided to go to it is lunch our once we have arrived, we look out lunch at sakae sushi...i think Japanese is my all time favourite food it works at any time especially where there are those times when you and your friend cant decide on what to eat..
i don't know you but it sure is my all time favourite and it never seems to fail me on what to eat..

okok then we headed for some window shopping and after that we decided to study..WANTED actually....hehehe...

AT the END...we ended up watching movie instead...we watched 'Benjamin Button'...since sum said it took many awards so we watched it without any hesitation. The show was pretty long and at some parts it was quite boring...But the story line was not bad accompanied with BRADPITT being 'Benjamin Button' so at least some handsome to look at..hhehe..i think they should leave some part of the show out like for instance the war part..that part was super boring.

will be having tons of class this week..and cant wait to hang out with my bestie again...hopefully Cherie is able to join us the next time..

signing off now

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!
Hope every couple out there will have a lovie dovie day today...
For me it was a simple V'day but i do appreciate it..
Nothing fancy just had lunch with dear at Tony Roma's @ Sunway Pyramid..
At first we wanted to go Friday's but it was full and have to wait for at least half an we decided to go to Tony Roma's instead..
The food was Not bad..portion wise was huge and worthy as definitely a second round..
Pictures will upload a little later yea..hehe...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

*2 rounds of Solaris Mont Kiara!

really sorry for the late update.had been following dear around for the lion dance and i have to say it's really tiring so i haven't been getting enough of sleep. It's fun seeing the lion dance wherever although i have to bear with the sun sometimes..
Not to mention..following the team means able to enjoy FREE food..some are good and some are just so so edible.

One of the day we went to Ole-ole Bali in Sunway Pyramid for a short while then we headed to Ole-Ole Bali in Solaris Mont Kiara for another Lion Dance performance...after they have finish performing we were given Yummy food...I have not been to Ole-Ole before and i have to say the concept of the store is very nice and the ambiance is very very comfortable as well..
We had some kind of rendang chicken and lime juice..(YUM)...-pictures will upload soon
*Ole-Ole Bali*

*the place*

*food and drinks*

As we were heading to Ole-Ole we realise it was located at Solaris Mont Kiara. Then we realise that that was the place that we were going to have our Japanese Buffet on the very next day..
Had our buffet at Tenji Japanese restaurant. We decided to try it because it was cheap and really worth it(it was rm 49.90 per person)..what a good deal..luckily we have made reservations earlier because the place was pack and when we arrived there the people were already starting to Que up. I was very excited to go in at that time..hehe

The food was GOOD!!and really worth it...and they have Lots of variety of desserts and have Haagen dazs ice-cream as well..and not to mention the oysters...they are super HUGE!!!(but i wasn't used to the taste of it)hehe..
But i was super happy that i was craving for Japanese food for a very long time..although i had buffet in Genting when i was in genting and had Japanese food as well..but it wasn't worth my money at all...variety very so dissapointed at that time..

But at the end my tummy is satisfied!!!hehe
pictures time!

2 satisfied and all so full customers..hehe

Thursday, February 5, 2009

back from holiday

hey peeps...
long time since i've blog as i'm very busy enjoying my CNY holidays..
back in KL on the 4th day of CNY...before we head back to KL we stopped by Cameron Highlands for awhile to buy some sweet corn...the place was pack and jam-ing all the way in camerons and back to KL..

then our next trip was to Genting Highlands on the 8th day of CNY..reached around 12 something and straight checked in to our respective rooms...after we have settled down we headed straight for some dim sum at ah yat abalone restaurant then headed to the Casino and played a few rounds.

later on a few other friends joined us and the boys went for some snooker and we girls had nothing to do..

went back to the hotel and showered and headed for dinner later at night...had buffet at Highland Hotel..the food wasn't that nice as the variety wasn't alot to choose from..then there we go again into the casino and gambled a few rounds before we head for some drinking session...

next day we had breakfast together at Old town Kopitiam then AGAIN we went in the casino to gamble...overall we lost around 200 plus but it's ok just to have fun once in a while...most of all that we had fun while we were at we started our journey back to KL around 4 in the evening and it was raining heavily so dear had to drive real slow and carefully...

so that's it for now..upload pictures later yea...