Wednesday, February 25, 2009

101 post..

wow didn't realize I've already posted 100 post..and i didn't know that i will survive blogging for so long...and i remember starting to blog because of bestie Cherie...

well anyway...nothing special actually..
had some spontaneous outing with bestie sum on Monday..didn't plan to go out just planned to stay at sum's house to study before i go to college in the evening..
then all of a sudden we decided to go to it is lunch our once we have arrived, we look out lunch at sakae sushi...i think Japanese is my all time favourite food it works at any time especially where there are those times when you and your friend cant decide on what to eat..
i don't know you but it sure is my all time favourite and it never seems to fail me on what to eat..

okok then we headed for some window shopping and after that we decided to study..WANTED actually....hehehe...

AT the END...we ended up watching movie instead...we watched 'Benjamin Button'...since sum said it took many awards so we watched it without any hesitation. The show was pretty long and at some parts it was quite boring...But the story line was not bad accompanied with BRADPITT being 'Benjamin Button' so at least some handsome to look at..hhehe..i think they should leave some part of the show out like for instance the war part..that part was super boring.

will be having tons of class this week..and cant wait to hang out with my bestie again...hopefully Cherie is able to join us the next time..

signing off now