Sunday, February 8, 2009

*2 rounds of Solaris Mont Kiara!

really sorry for the late update.had been following dear around for the lion dance and i have to say it's really tiring so i haven't been getting enough of sleep. It's fun seeing the lion dance wherever although i have to bear with the sun sometimes..
Not to mention..following the team means able to enjoy FREE food..some are good and some are just so so edible.

One of the day we went to Ole-ole Bali in Sunway Pyramid for a short while then we headed to Ole-Ole Bali in Solaris Mont Kiara for another Lion Dance performance...after they have finish performing we were given Yummy food...I have not been to Ole-Ole before and i have to say the concept of the store is very nice and the ambiance is very very comfortable as well..
We had some kind of rendang chicken and lime juice..(YUM)...-pictures will upload soon
*Ole-Ole Bali*

*the place*

*food and drinks*

As we were heading to Ole-Ole we realise it was located at Solaris Mont Kiara. Then we realise that that was the place that we were going to have our Japanese Buffet on the very next day..
Had our buffet at Tenji Japanese restaurant. We decided to try it because it was cheap and really worth it(it was rm 49.90 per person)..what a good deal..luckily we have made reservations earlier because the place was pack and when we arrived there the people were already starting to Que up. I was very excited to go in at that time..hehe

The food was GOOD!!and really worth it...and they have Lots of variety of desserts and have Haagen dazs ice-cream as well..and not to mention the oysters...they are super HUGE!!!(but i wasn't used to the taste of it)hehe..
But i was super happy that i was craving for Japanese food for a very long time..although i had buffet in Genting when i was in genting and had Japanese food as well..but it wasn't worth my money at all...variety very so dissapointed at that time..

But at the end my tummy is satisfied!!!hehe
pictures time!

2 satisfied and all so full customers..hehe