Monday, March 9, 2009

post bday pictures

I know this post is a little too late because its about my bday...
went out for some cake with my dear at secret recipe on my actual bday...(what is a bday without a cake right???)heehe...although it was simple but it really matters a lot to me..
Only few pictures taken the other day..

had a great bday and great pressie from dear as well as my besties..thanks you all so so much...
love ya millions..!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!

*My Birthday*-my day..

Celebrated my birthday a few days earlier with my girls at Bijoux at Mont Kiara..
Cherie decided to go to this place and the environment was very girlie and pretty BUT all the waiters are ALL males...weird huh!
lets not say much and time for pictures time..(pictures taken from cherie)-lazy to upload.

pictures taken by cherie is so so pro!!thats why i took the pictures from her...

will upload some from my phone soon...

Then after and sum headed to Midvalley and we chilled at her favourite and soontobealreadymyfavourite OCHACHA for some drinks...

pictures soon yea...hehe

after that we headed for some window shopping and then soon it's dinner time and we headed Flying chili's for some thai absolutely delicious..!!!

Then the very next day celebrated my bday with dear at Pyramid...did some walking and movie with dear..nice...enjoyed myself...we watched street fighter together and i think the show was not bad the fighting and stuff hehe just like the game..hehe

Had steamboat with him after our movie and steamboat was yum yum...hehe...after that we headed back home and spend some quality time together..downloaded movie to watch as usual..which is nice and romantic..hehe

that was how i spent my day with him...

so continue on the very next day..i was bugging dear for cake!!!what is a birthday without a cake we headed to Secret Recipe for some i got what i wanted!!!

well that's all..and another year has passes and i'm another year older...can't believe it..!!!