Sunday, April 19, 2009

to the mall

Me and dear have been going to Midvalley and Pyramid quite often..can say every weekends so today decided to go 1U instead... we watched the show call Paul Blart Mall Cop..the show was not too bad as i can hear the people in the cinema kept laughing and laughing..quite clumsy and silly for a cop though..hehe
*Paul Blart Mall Cop*

after our movie and as we were walking me and dear passed by a waffle shop so we were craving for it already...and there we are ended up in Waffle shop and satisfying our tummy..!!
*Waffle World*

*Yummy Banana Walnut Waffle with a scoop of Choc Ripple*

*and dear digging in to it!!*
So after our day at the mall we headed back home and its time for us to relax and watch our movie...
Hoping to go back to Ipoh by this week..Hopefully!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


as i said the other day i overnight at sum's house, so i stayed in her house the next day till my bf comes home around 7 something...
so we woke up approximately 10 and had our shower then headed for some breakfast at some mamak where me and sum usually go..
so at first sum already had some mangoes in her house preparing to make some mango pudding for her bf then we decided to make cheese cake as well..this is like so random lo..last minute thing...
so we headed to some bakery shop to buy some stuff for the cake and pudding...

after we have got our things we headed home straight and started our baking...firstly sum started off with the mangoes by peeling it and blending it making it into mango puree and i was preparing the cheese cutting it into smaller pieces so that it would melt better..and there goes our day in the kitchen...

so after we have finish some of the things while waiting for the gelatin to cool down and we just put the cheesecake into the oven then i helped sum with her nails painting it once I've finish it i checked on the cake and guess WHAT!!!!......BLUNDER!!!i smell a little burnt smell!!!!so i quickly switch off the oven and then check the recipe...written 325 F...BUT our oven was around 325 almost double the heat that we are supposed to clumsy of us!!!!but at the end the cake was edible and ended up with just a litte bit of burnt on top...
Luckily the pudding turn out just fine...

*ingredients for mango pudding*
*sum mixing the mango pudding!**our final product**ingredients for cheese cake* *cheesecake base** me mixing the ingredients**before it goes into the oven**and our final product*

so a little sneak peak at the stuff we make..

Friday, April 10, 2009

dinner at sakae with bestie

since i mention that bf is not home (currently at Kota Bharu) so sweet of Miss AU SUET SUM to invite me to her house to have dinner together and to ovovernight at her now i'm at her house blogging while she is chatting with her bf..and i couldn't believe it that my bf is already sleeping before me..but couldn't blame him coz he had approximately 8 hours of journey from KL to Kota Bharu...Miss him so much now..!!..)=

So i reached Sum's house around 6 something then headed to Pyramid for some Sakae sushi..
since its thursday night(ladies night) we thought of going clubbing somewhere in Pyramid..But as we approach the banner at the club it's written girls with mini shorts or with mini skirt will get free entrance and free me and Sum were wearing LONG pants so we cant go in..
so we headed to Starbucks instead...Hmm...sadly Ochacha is no more in business we have to drink the "fan pan" ochacha in thins time we "sing muk" already, we only ordered one cup instead of 2 which we both are not able to finish..

so thats all for the night for us..and now i'm at sum's house blogging and she is....lying down behind me on the sofa and just asked me if i wanted maggie...(siow)hehehe...sorry sum!!!

k la k la....sorry for the much crap as you know la im damn bored and kinda tired now.(but miss AU dont let me sleep!!)..

Here is our dinner!
*sum and i before dinner*

Sum and I chilling at Starbucks with our "fan pan" Ochacha!

so that all now..!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


i know its been a long long time since i've updated...
what to do lazy want to update..nothing really happen for the past few weeks..just some random outing with bestie and bf..
bf had been going outstation quite frequently these few days and today he is in Kota Bharu because his idiotic co-worker needs someone to accompany....what a sissy...
and now i'm bored to death..

oh ya..yes yesterday(8.4.2009) was our 18 month anniversary...couldn't believe it time pass so fast so quickly..and i have to say my day was not very good because i've been having this stupid flu and sore throat and headache for the pass few days..all i want to do is sleep sleep sleep..

well thats all i have to say for now..
signing off.