Friday, April 10, 2009

dinner at sakae with bestie

since i mention that bf is not home (currently at Kota Bharu) so sweet of Miss AU SUET SUM to invite me to her house to have dinner together and to ovovernight at her now i'm at her house blogging while she is chatting with her bf..and i couldn't believe it that my bf is already sleeping before me..but couldn't blame him coz he had approximately 8 hours of journey from KL to Kota Bharu...Miss him so much now..!!..)=

So i reached Sum's house around 6 something then headed to Pyramid for some Sakae sushi..
since its thursday night(ladies night) we thought of going clubbing somewhere in Pyramid..But as we approach the banner at the club it's written girls with mini shorts or with mini skirt will get free entrance and free me and Sum were wearing LONG pants so we cant go in..
so we headed to Starbucks instead...Hmm...sadly Ochacha is no more in business we have to drink the "fan pan" ochacha in thins time we "sing muk" already, we only ordered one cup instead of 2 which we both are not able to finish..

so thats all for the night for us..and now i'm at sum's house blogging and she is....lying down behind me on the sofa and just asked me if i wanted maggie...(siow)hehehe...sorry sum!!!

k la k la....sorry for the much crap as you know la im damn bored and kinda tired now.(but miss AU dont let me sleep!!)..

Here is our dinner!
*sum and i before dinner*

Sum and I chilling at Starbucks with our "fan pan" Ochacha!

so that all now..!!