Sunday, April 19, 2009

to the mall

Me and dear have been going to Midvalley and Pyramid quite often..can say every weekends so today decided to go 1U instead... we watched the show call Paul Blart Mall Cop..the show was not too bad as i can hear the people in the cinema kept laughing and laughing..quite clumsy and silly for a cop though..hehe
*Paul Blart Mall Cop*

after our movie and as we were walking me and dear passed by a waffle shop so we were craving for it already...and there we are ended up in Waffle shop and satisfying our tummy..!!
*Waffle World*

*Yummy Banana Walnut Waffle with a scoop of Choc Ripple*

*and dear digging in to it!!*
So after our day at the mall we headed back home and its time for us to relax and watch our movie...
Hoping to go back to Ipoh by this week..Hopefully!!

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