Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cherie's b'day

happy 23rd birthday Cherie Berrie!!!

hope you'll have a blast with us the other day..

celebrated with Cherie a few days earlier..
we headed to Yuen for some steamboat with Cherie and bf Joshua, Suet Sum, dear and I..the chicken wings are yum yum and we had loads of it(thanks to the guys who rush to get it for us!)..Later at night we headed to Soul out for some drinks and played some games that made us laugh like mad..we all had so much fun laughing and laughing..

we shall do it more often one me and sum's exam is over k..
love you babe!!
and hope you liked the pressie from us yea..

*picture taken from Cherie's blog

Saturday, May 16, 2009


super duper long never update's because I'm feeling super lazy to actually touch the computer..
that's why people can't see me online all because I'm super duper lazy to online and sign in to whatever msn or mail i have...
well finally i took the initiative to blog today coz my bro switch on the comp today or else i still wont be blogging until today...
been back in ipoh for a few days now and I'm totally craving for some Starbucks!!!!I WANT STARBUCKS!!!!
Sum we shall go together ok and have some greenie tea blended...
miss miss misss dearie so so much since im back in ipoh..cant see his kiddy face of his...hehe..
I want to watch MOvies!!!cant wait for them to come out!!!!but of course have to study as well le...
oh ya edc the last few weeks was annoying as the whole class was pack with people and the aircond wasn't working very well(damn hot lor) and lecturer kept screaming at us and kept saying 'I'm gonna kill you!!'..
hehe but she meant it in a funny way though...
I damn long never see Cherie Berrie lo!!!must come out k to celebrate your b'day...hehe

thats all la..short wan and all random random craps!!!!
no pics no nothing...maybe the next time will have pictures..hehe