Friday, June 26, 2009

besties days out

had the whole day out with my bestie Sum till night..
Firstly we had out breakfast at old town around 9 in the morning while waiting for my bf to come pick us up..That day dear was supposed to go to Tropicana Mall and 1 Utama for work so me and Sum headed for some window shopping coz we did not find anything suitable for us..
Second stop was to tropicana mall..the mall is new so we
went exploring..honestly the place is quite boring as many shops are still not open and i realises that the mall is full of food...everywhere is food food food...korean at one side, japanese at the other side and many other food shops around...
There was nothing much to walk so me and sum sat down and took pictures instead. Then after that we sat down at Borders to read some mags..
*some silly pics we took*decent picOnce dear has finish his work we headed to 1 Utama for some shopping and chatting..
We took lunch at sakae sushi(our fav)..has been a long time since i had jap food...finally get to dig into it..
*our food

*me and sum
*me and dearie

Later on had some window shopping..went to forever 21 to see if there is anything that suits us anot but ended up not buying anything...but we bimbo awhile la in the dressing room..hehehlet the picture show you what i mean k...he
*us being bimbotic
nope we didnt buy the dresses coz it was quite big and loose for we proceeded with our window shopping..then we headed for some dessert..the dessert was yummy but i think its a little to sweet..
*mango loh loh

just as we finish our dessert my bf finishes his we headed straight back to home and get ready for our dinner at sri petaling for some steamboat..dinner was nice nice..but no pictures taken during dinner..
will blog again soon

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