Sunday, June 21, 2009


remembered that i say that I've forgotten to bring my ic??well luckily my mum asked my cousin brother to pass it to forget about that..
on Friday night went for yum cha with bestie miss au at some mamak stall together with my bf...and thanks again sum's mummy for the durians..
a little on what i did yesterday and today..

Saturday's plan

after dear finished his work at noon we went to mid valley for a movie...wanted to watch terminator but the seats are almost full leaving only the front seats instead of watching terminator we watched monster vs aliens (3D)..the show was quite funny but i feel quite dizzy as well at times when watching the movie..
overall it was nice so i enjoyed myself..

*me and dear with our 3D glasses
later at night, dear met up with his friend at souled out for some the time we were there it look as though they were about to was around 12 something at night but everywhere seems to be closed and so few people around..what happen??Its a Saturday night i thought it's supposed to be filled with people all around??? there were no alcohol for me and his friends gf except for the guys...i had this virgin margarita..sounds so alcohol right..but nope non at all... Sunday plan by the time we woke up its already 12 something so we had our brunch before going to ikea for walks...Ikea was filled with people but we were luckily enough to get a parking space once we took our time in Ikea looking at those deco around and sitting on sofa's and imagining that we would actually do this and that to dears house..heheh silly leh..!!! didnt but anything except for a pillow which i think its very useful for me to put it in the car so i that i have something to hug on when dear's driving.. after ikea headed to Tesco to buy some stuff to makan and dear bought a new 5 tier cupboard(yea yea i know why did we buy from Tesco instead of Ikea...its because its really cheap and its on promotion..) when we reached home we cleaned up dears room so it would look neater.. had our dinner at home and till now I'm blogging... that's all for now...!!

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