Friday, June 12, 2009

exam free

finally the exams are already over..and now i can relax all i want and get all the sleep that i couldn't for the past few weeks..
well, nothing really much happen since the exams are over for me..all i did was stayed at home the entire day and basically just watched tv the whole day, surfing the net, you-tube-ing, playing my restaurant city, sleep and exercise..and there goes my day and today is the repeat of the things i've just said just now...
I cant wait to catch a movie with my dear and hang out with my's so boring now and there is nothing i can do here...
just dont feel like going out because of the hot hot weather and it has not been raining for the past few days or weeks in Ipoh...why is it so HOT???
here's a list of things i cant wait to do:

*watch Terminator and cant wait for Transformers to come out..
*hang out with bestie and BF..
*have a cup of ice-blended green tea at Starbucks
*shopping or window shopping
*have dinners with my dear and kai kai with him and spend quality time together..
*take pictures here and there with dear and bestie..

well just random things i want to do..just feel so boring and freaking HOT now!!!
grhh..i cant stand it..even switching on the air-cond is like not on..
signing off now..

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