Monday, June 15, 2009

outdated photo's

since i'm pretty free now, i've decided to post something real outdated...(i so rajin hor nowadays everyday also post post post..hehe)
somewhere during march after my birthday i remembered cherie invited us to clubbing as she has special invitations for me and sum and her bunch of nice friends went clubbing on the other night at Euphoria@Sunway..only girls of course...
so i guess we had fun for a little while coz the music that day really sucks..dont suit us girls and not suitable for dancing mode..but we headed to somewhere else for another session of clubbing but that place was filled with MALAYS!!!believe it anot MALAYS CLUBBING!!!i tot suppose to be haram wan???hmm...
so thats where we had a little fun as the music suits us compared to the earlier session...and guess what all of us was sober...see how good girl and responsible are we h
but had fun knowing sum's friends...all giler giler wan..keke...

so some pictures were taken.

*from left to right T-cheng, Sofie, Sum and me

*with T-cheng and Sofie
*Bestie Sum and I
so a little update on outdated post..hehe...was so lazy to post during that time..
well better late that never right..

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