Wednesday, July 1, 2009

another bestie hangout

since dear have been on his new job on Monday i've been spending quite some hangout time with bestie i told you sum followed me back to Ipoh on Saturday then we went back to KL on Sunday..Then on Monday went out with sum to Pyramid to hangout again..her uncle came to fetch me around 11 something and it's so nice of her uncle to spend us eat..Again ofcourse we ate Sakae sushi at pyramid...i think the pyramid branch has more variety compared to the one at 1U lo..
it's time for piccies....
*sum's chawamushi
*fried chicken
*yummy salmon
*soft shelf crap temaki
*sum's tofu skin sushi
*salmon fried rice
that's our yummy lunch at sakae..then after that we headed for some shopping..and guess what this time forever 21 didn't disappoint us...we each got ourself a dress which cost us quite a reasonable price...very happy with the outcome..and there we go shopping and window shopping...
then we stop by starbucks for some of our favourite drinks...

*my favourite green tea blended and sum's carem
el machiato
*and there's us
that was all for Monday hangout...
and sum was kind enough to invite me to her house the very next day which we plan to go for a jog and make speghatti for lunch..
So we did go for jogging but it was quite difficult
for miss Au to wake up as she kept delaying for minutes after minutes..but at the end we manage to go jogging at last around 9am...
we then head back to sum's house for a shower and t
ook a nap for awhile before making the spaghetti for lunch..
*beef spaghetti

*bestie sum and i before lunch and all looking fresh after the jog and shower
must be wondering why i blog so much today right???coz i'm so so freaking free today..i've been at home the whole working and sum also busy with her things...but i feel bad for bothering her the past few days as well...but thanks for the company as she knows i want to avoid someone...
it's going to be 6pm..hope bf will be back soon...feeling alittle hungry now...
guess that's all i have for this post..hopefully i wont blog again today...if i do means its a sign of boredom..!!!

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