Wednesday, July 1, 2009

at home.

i was back home ipoh on Saturday as dear had to fetch his grandmother back to kampar..
Guess what...Sum came along with us and also My bf's dog Ah bi..
we left appoximately 1 something and reached around 4 something..Mum wasn't home when we reach and i dont have the key so we waited for my mum to come back from my aunt's house..
and the dogs are happily sniffing each other and playing non-stop..
so we rest awhile then had dinner at home before going out for some yum cha with bf and sum..
since ipoh is so darn boring so we just went to some random place called tong shui kai to have some mix fruit dessert and some rojak to go along with it..
the next day me and sum went for breakfast at pengkalan..we almost got lost but luckily thanks to my very helpful GPS that lead us to the place...the place was filled with loads of people and causing me to be one of the aunty there to grab for food...
then we headed back to my home to have some yummy durians that my dad bought..
we then left ipoh around 5 pm and reached kl around 7 something...
when we were about to reach dear's friend called us for we had our dinner at dear's shop..we had some assam fish head, crabs, sotong, vege and another dish..very very yummy dinner but once we have finish we sat down and had a little i didnt see it coming someone brainless said something to me that is very upsetting that caused me to be very sad and MAD as well..from that very moment i will have a very bad impression on that person and will try my very every possible way to avoid that person..coz every little thing you do that person will try his/her possible way to critises you and only whatever you do is wrong and only that person does is right...annoying right???wth!!!(only by bestie knows who am i talking about)..really wth man...i really dont wish to see that person's face not even a glance!!!!!hate hate hate that person..

wth..spoil my entire day and till now i'm still very angry!!!

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