Thursday, July 2, 2009

dinner @ subway

This was supposed to be yesterdays post...which i decided to post it today as i have made too many posts yesterday...
so yesterday when dear finish his work we headed straight to Subway for our dinner...
I love the sandwiches there because this is what me and mummy eat back at home when there is only me and mum alone while dad is at work and brother is studying at KL..
yesterday we had D.M.T(i think so la) Italian sandwiches..OOh s
o and dear decided to order a foot long bread to share with...
i know guys usually dont really like to eat sandwiches but dear is kind enough to bring me there and eat with me..
*Our foot long(i know it looks short coz i ask the waiter to cut it to smaller portions) Parmesan Oregano D.M.T sandwich.

*dear looking all smart*dear eating his sandwich...mmmm yum yum
today as usual wasn't much to do..was suppose to meet up with sum sum but her appointment was delayed and i had something to do...
well guess thats all for now..
oh so very random post..

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