Thursday, July 23, 2009

Movie night!

i've been back in ipoh for almost 2 weeks now..and i guess i will still be ipoh for another week since dear will be going to Johor again the next you know i dont want to be home alone in his will kill me honestly!!
I miss hanging out with dear and my bestie..she's still enjoying herself and her bf as well as his family in UK..I miss Starbucks green tea blended!!!i want!!i like!!!i'm craving!!
Well nothing really much happen when i'm around ipoh..just th
e other day we had a little gathering with my ipoh friend which i have not been seeing for ages already and it was also my friend Soon Siang's birthday(happy belated birthday dude!!although i've already greeted you on the actual date) so we all went to this Friends Cafe somewhere near my house to have a drink..ohMgee the freaking place is damn freaking quite and it looks like its gonna close down..and i tell you the service SUCKs!! big big time!!!all bunch of lala and ah bengs working there with their stupid attitute!!!
BUt it was really nice catching up with them because i havent seen them in a long long time..and tonight we'll be meeting up again for a movie..we're watching "Ha
rry Potter and the half blood prince"'s gonna be a long long movie..(i know dear not interested in this movie so im guessing he wont watch it with me)
Well i'm all alone at home these 3 days coz mummy went to genting with a bunch of aunties to have fun fun loads of chores to do when alone at home..
well gotta go now...chores to do..hope i'll enjoy the movie tonight!!

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