Monday, July 6, 2009

Transformers ROCKS!!

Finally i've watched Transformers..i know i'm abit late but its because me and dear didnt want to rush and watch with the massive we finally watched it on Sunday with bestie Cherie and her bf Joshua @Cineleisure..
So we had lunch before our movie at McDonalds and some catching up to do..
Cherie and her bf had already watched it so its the second time for them...
The show was awesome and i liked it alot and it's a mu
st see show...

Coming up i wanna watch Ice age 3 (3D)...heard that it's also another must see movie and you'll laugh from the beginning till the end...

And today I've finally watched Night at the Museum 2..dear downloaded ofcourse..the movie was also not bad..and i finally bought Confession of a shopaholic dvd to watch..
That's all for a movie to catch..adios!

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