Monday, October 5, 2009

blogging @ work

hey peeps...its been really really long since i've my title describes.. yea i've started working already at some audit firm in KL..
you peeps must be wondering why in the world am i blogging atwork..hmmp..easy's because i have nuts to do..i think i'm gonna rot sooner or later...i really cannot stand the boredomness..i'm not showing off or's just that when you have nothing to do the time doesn't pass as fast as you think lo..that is one of the reasons why i would prefer to atleast have something to do rather than just sit in the office and online the whole damn day..
okay enough about my work..lets talk about my outings instead..

where should i begin??okay..i'll make it real short..
so i can say i've been helping my bf with his work as well..helping him to do roadshows and following him to dealers really can learn and experience all sort of things especially there are many types of people where you dont expect to come across with..

okay..went back to ipoh during the raya holidays along with my bf's instead of booking a hotel to stay they bump into my place money we went for some seafood somewhere near Lost world of Tambun..the food is considered yummy and fresh BUT we had to wait for our entire dishes for a whole long 2 freaking hours to actually finish serving..
we were patients enough just because the food is yummy and fresh..if not we will definitely leave the freaking place..
the very next day he had head back to KL because everyone needs to start work the next day..but just before we head back..we went to the Taiping Zoo..the trip was tiring enough and we have to face the massive jam on our way back to KL..but i guess it was all worth it..

so i guess its all for now..and also not forgetting happy belated mooncake festival..hehe

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