Wednesday, December 16, 2009

short trip

this was supposed to be updated long time ago but due to my exams so i decided delay the here is it right now...well we had a trip with dears friend's to Malacca
during a public holiday..this trip was meant to be short and enjoyable...
we started our journey around 11 something in the morning and not to mention the jam when we are on the way to it was a holiday so everyone was going everywhere for the holiday..
so we visited Malacca and had all this rides that ables us to see the whole Malacca..(well not all actually just part of it)..we sat the new duckie ride which brought us around Malacca and the coolest thing is that its able to be on land and on it was pretty
nice..after our tour around Malacca we headed to Jonker street which is a MUST to grab some cheap cheap stuff and some pineapple tarts..yum-o..the place was jam packed with people and it was difficult to get out of the it to
ok us awhile and when the time we reached to the car it was time for dinner we decided to have some Portugese food at the Portugese settlement..honestly the food wasn't that good but just what the long we had fun...
so cut the long story are some pics take.

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